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The 4 Martins

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2006-03-24 Ellen got tooth number four. I'm glad this is over!
2006-02-07 Ellen got her third tooth. First one on top - right of the middle.
2006-02-07 Ellen was walking. She let's go of a supporting hand and just walks on.
2005-12-22 @ Mexico City Airport: Ellen started walking on her own making 5 steps and repeats it for mama just a minute later. She was very proud!
2005-12-20 in Mexico: Ellen starts crawling when she's on the floor and wants to go somewhere.
2005-12-03 in Mexico: Ellen got her second tooth.
2005-11-19 in Mexico: Ellen got her first tooth - finally.
2005-07-02 in Louisville: Ellen got her first solid food - a kids yoghurt. She loved it.
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